About the game

Explore an adventure based on your computer

AdventurOS is an 2D adventure based game that is entirely auto-generated by the content (folders and files) of your computer. Each room, object, monster, key, treasure... Is actually an interpretation of the files you can find on the computer where the game is running, making each adventure as exciting as exclusive for each user.

The Tale:

The architect has a problem.
Together with his castle, all the creatures who live in it are in danger. A big crisis is to be faced. Regardless the safety measures taken to protect his castle, the fateful day has come.
There is an unwished visitor among his guests, hidden behind a harmless appearance. This despicable intruder has casted a curse in order to achieve his goal: To take over the architect's wealth and dominate all his inhabitants.
A caravan of voluntaries has now settled into his castle, leaded by their heroic captain who is determined to free them from the curse.
Will he be able to overcome the challenges the evil intruder develops?
Like in all epic stories, the greatest roles are played from behind the scenes.

The Game:

As you may know all computers have a directory of folders where all the system files are organized pretty much like this:

AdventurOS takes your folders and the files inside them, to generate a huge castle where the folders become the rooms, staying connected to each other as usual, and the files become the NPCs, decoration, items, enemies etc, depending on their format. Yes, it can be a little difficult to imagine such an innovative concept before actually playing it. Here you have some illustrative examples: In this example folder you have two .txt files and other two folders. Depending on the name of the current folder you are in, its weight, the number of subfolders inside, and the type of files, all the environment changes generating a unique kind of room in the castle.

In this particular one the ".txt" turns into a pacific NPC. As mentioned before each extension of the files turns into something different. The other two folders become doors which direct the player to another room generated by this same process when entered.

In this particular folder we have ".txt", ".xls" and ".zip" files. Just as before, its content creates a certain environment and again the different files inside of it turn into different objects.
We have another pacific NPC from a ".txt", we have snakes from the ".xls" files and a treasure from the ".zip" files. There are no more folders so no doors are created.

Game Mechanics & Gameplay:

The castle is divided in segments, represented by the depth of the folder in relation to the others. The closest folders to the hard drive's root will be at level 1. Every new folder inside a previous one will be found at the next level from it.

To access upper levels you will need to learn special abilities such as double jumps.

Your main goal is to clean as many castle's rooms as possible from the curse casted by the Intruder. To clean a room you must set all the NPCs free by killing the creatures that keep those NPCs inside them. Once you clean a room you don't have to clean it again. But watch out! if you miss one enemy you will have to start over the next time you visit it.

The skills must be acquired by earning Adventure Points inside previous levels. Every explored room gives a little more Adventure Points to the character, which will be invested on unlocking the required skills from a skill tree.

Fallen enemies will drop random items depending on the folder level, size, power and drop rate.
Items such as hoods, swords, books or shields will increase the character's stats and add element modifiers.

These elements are Water, Fire, Rock, Leaf... (similar to the ones in the videogame "Pokèmon", which interact exactly the same way with their resistances and weaknesses)


Each folder generally counts on a predominant amount of a certain  kind of files, for instance, folders containing music or pictures.

The type of file, its weight and its name will define the general environment of the folder as well as its size and the different platforms to access the different areas of the room.

This way we will find countless possibilities regarding sizes, distances and platforms depending on the requirements of each level.

It will be possible to find a long corridor with doors linking us to new rooms, as well as rooms containing a single small space where to find a special object for your character or maybe a reward.

It might be a big hall full of enemies along the different obstacles and platforms, and also a huge room where to fight enemies.

There will be as many possibilities as users, and more! Each computer allows a different new world to be created!

With each unlocked and clear room the general map will be updated in the inventory of your character. You will be able to spot all visited rooms, all locations of relevant objects and obstacles where special abilities are required. It will be your guide through your huge castle made out of links and folders.

Expect infinite possibilities from this innovative game!
Feel free to ask any questions you can't find at our FAQ section!