Autumn Greetings

05 Oct 2017

Hello dear Adventurers! The heat and sunshine are gradually turning into cold and darkness for the three of us in Asia and Europe, but that only means winter, and therefore AdventurOS, is CLOSER THAN EVER!!!

Greetings again from the depths of Development Hell and thanks for all your messages of support. We live in exciting places and yet won’t get to see the light much for the rest of the year, each of us full steam ahead from their stations and covering the last leg of this development’s journey before the first release.

We three wish to give a special mention to each other for still making this happen despite adult life events constantly hitting hard on each one of us. That made development slow as fuck, so HUGE special mention to you guys too for providing us with so much support. Plus we are still amazed by the whopping amount of 0 trolls we’ve had to deal with in the process.

We have kept receiving questions regarding the team itself, so today we want to gift you a freak show featuring us team members, by describing each other for the ones among you who haven’t followed us from the start and might not know us. And of course because development is taking long enough for us to evolve into the freaks we introduce you to today.

Now say bye to the three optimistic, enthusiastic, absolutely delusional developers you met before, and…. Ladies and gentlemen, say hi to Miss Lorena Casanova, avid Emilio-wannabe code-wise and normal-wannabe life-wise who doesn’t quite get there in either sphere. She is the most all over the place creature on this planet, also literally as she just can’t stay still in one place/city/country. It’s so bad that we recently found a self-inflicted “HELP” message on her passport. She is so indie that she does not even buy AAA batteries. She is a doer and a fighter, so thanks to her discipline things get done. She is usually so infuriatingly cool with everything that she makes us feel Emo and go play My Chemical Romance alone in our room. But she does feel stressed sometimes too! So then she goes rescuing animals. And when there are no animals left to rescue… shit, there is always animals left to rescue. Go adopt!

Now greet Mister Andre Mari Coppola, our very own infinite-feature-addition machine who can only be stopped with a Japanese job that gives him a negative value of available hours in the day. The real reason of tea’s crisis is not in north-east India but in his place in Tokyo as he drinks it all while he brings our characters to life. He loves to give us orders when we play and get us killed, as if we were slaves to Armok. He screams “champions are rewarded by fortune, Akur, Akir, Akam” in his sleep and occasionally awake. He composes our sound effects and soundtrack but also some other music with a dude we don’t like because they look so cool and all and we are jealous of their success. Go check’em out!

And last but not least, say hi to Mister Emilio Coppola, the code wizard who seems to have as many arms as a thousand octopae, the only problem is he uses 50% of them to fix Lorena’s messes, 48% to fix Andre’s, 1% to tip his (very white) hat, and just the remaining 1% to code for AdventurOS, which is his two human hands. Still with only those two he manages to perform magic code and an occasional spank for morale. His Italian roots grant the team the most amazing (vegan) pasta dishes for dinner every time. And for breakfast, lunch and every meal time in between. He painfully witnesses Godot’s glory from his self made GM:S cage and fantasizes of the day he can finally break free. For now he is happy with AdventurOS gestation and some Godot evangelism. Now for fuck’s sake go try Godot!

We do enjoy this, we love our project and each other, we are very united and we are working very hard for you guys, our AdventurOS family!

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