Feedback Day

04 Aug 2017

Dearest Adventurers, Greetings from the team, still immerse amidst the flames of our own development Hell.

We have received a few messages from worried backers and we will address them now. But, before we do, we must thank everyone because all messages we have ever received are genuine and we have not had a single issue with trolls in the history of AdventurOS development, which we know very well is rare for anyone with an online presence. Even having experienced a delay in development which could have earned us some hostility, all we have received are messages of support and constructive criticism.

Now, let’s address your worries, our dear AdventurOS family. There is no way we are dropping the project. The only reason why we are working on AdventurOS until the end is AdventurOS itself and you guys. AdventurOS development is an expense to us at this point (and since long ago), a fact which is the ultimate indicator of our commitment to the game and to you.

We should have known better when we set impossible deadlines, but we simply didn’t. This does not mean we are running away. We are not going anywhere. We have, each one of us, found the means and the time to keep working nonstop on AdventurOS.

We have probably been too hesitant to make updates in times when the development tasks were repetitive and not too flashy to be talked about, but we are considering a change in our approach, so you will hear from us more often during these last months of development.

This is indeed AdventurOS year!!!

Thanks everyone for being there, and remember that we are here for any enquiries and suggestions. Don’t be shy and drop us a line!

We love you all <3

The Team

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