Easy to say, hard to implement

09 Sep 2016

When you start the creative process it is all fun and games. At least until you see how hard to implement those "It'll be cool" ideas are.
In development, things get complicated really fast. We have learned it the hard way.
A good example of this is something that goes unnoticed for most: the “inventory system”.

It is very simple to write "inventory system" on a text note without really understanding how much work it takes to make it materialise, let alone achieving the desired balance.
Once in touch with reality and in order to simplify this process we made a couple of algorithms that help us speed up the process and balance the different sets of items like weapons or potions through automated calculation. This will be re-balanced afterwards with testing.

The drop rate and the price will also be calculated depending on the stats value of the items. This way we can adjust the pros and cons and they will stay balanced in relation to others.

Here you have a screenshot of how this looks in the rough for now:

You can see this properties when you hover the items to see if you are able to use them.
We also added some visual aids under the inventory slots to display the stats affected by the items equipped.
Red means a decrease and green means an upgrade on your current stats.

We've been neglecting updates, but never AdventurOS' development.
Things got boring and most work is repetitive, but this is about to get exciting again.
For anything we have not written about, please feel free to write us on twitter, facebook, steam or the comment section!

We love you all!

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