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18 Jul 2016

Hello dear Adventurers!

Today we come with a special update that covers the development status from all the different fronts of the game, each and every one of them being aspects of it we are very much invested in, and that we wish to be fully satisfied with before presenting it to the world.

We divided it into sections so you get a better picture of how much has been done and what to expect for the first playable version. So, here we go:


The items are all ready. Menus? Check! Characters, npcs and mobs are ready to rock. The particles are looking amazing. The music and other assets are also good to go.
We've now finished the bosses and environments for the first release, and they will increase in number in later versions.
Of course we keep future expansions in mind for which we only have drafts but no actual graphics yet, but in general the graphic aspect of the first AdventurOS version is ready to shine bright, with just a few little exceptions here and there.

Some attack and other “in between” animations will be added to the mobs in time.
Some of them already have this, but we will keep making them all look even more alive.


An awesome soundtrack is already rocking our long dev hours, but the last step in development will be implementing sound to the game itself.
Since we are using the terrible, terrible game maker, we decided not to import the audio files until the end to reduce loading time while testing.
We have most of the SFX ready, minus perhaps a few charming sounds to add to our enemies.

Game Menu

The menu is finished as stated above, although there is this one section that will not be open to the public until after the release.
We don't consider it to be relevant for now. We want to focus on the main game and add it later as promised to our backers.


All the items that are to be included on the first public version of the game are ready. We have a wide variety of swords, spears, shields and all the other necessary equipment for your player.
The sprites are all ready for action, but we still need to pour a lot of hours into adding and adjusting the different stats of all the items.
Potions also need some extra work. For now every item is being cataloged with a set of general properties shared by all of them.
Our idea is for items to eventually get more interesting and significative effects and uses when equipped or consumed, such as glow, auras and other ideas that sound and will hopefully look great but are still not in development.


we were initially planning on creating a (perhaps unrealistic) amount of different monster behaviors. This is an area that we are actively developing right now. Unfortunately, the boss fights will have to be delayed and be added in an update after the initial beta release.


We have implemented 8 types of reasonably functional NPCS.
We still need to generate the NPCS that will give you quests. A lot more work needs to be invested in this area, it goes hand in hand with the monsters since both are based off your files and the development process is similar.


The basic functionality of quests is working. You can take, locate, and complete quests.
We also have a long list of different kinds of missions to add but we still need to merge both worlds. After this and the usual testing, there will be a lot of things to do while you are fighting enemies and discovering the secret life of your files.

Character skills and abilities

The skills and abilities of the main character are half way done. We have some of the abilities that facilitate movement on the map, and some magic skills. The last ones on the progression tree have to be developed as well as the overall testing and balancing of the damage/mana cost, all of them also tested within the gameflow.

Other areas

There are a lot of areas that are not that easy to catalog or are too big to explain.
We wanted to make this article to let you know how the game is evolving and of course we can answer any further questions in the comment section.

We understand that it has been a long time since we started this adventure together. We apologize for the delay and we promise it will all be worth it.

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