Inside the enemy’s brain

25 May 2016

Hello there dear Adventurers!
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Today we bring you a very interesting topic: The enemies.

The monsters are crucial for AdventurOS to be the fun game it is.
Getting your own files to chase you around is really cool! However, adjustments have had to be made along the development process.
When we started coding the artificial intelligence of the enemies, we made them pretty good at killing you. They could see where you were and where you were running to, plus they dodged your attacks.
After play testing a little bit we realised they were out of proportion. If you analyze the monsters in similar titles, you will notice that those monsters follow patterns.
You hardly ever come across a game where enemies show diverse ways to approach you. Instead, they repeat patterns and therefore become predictable. Why? Because, when well calibrated, getting to know how to defeat predictable enemies is very entertaining.
And that is how we noticed AdventurOS needed to undergo such calibration too.
You need gracefully choreographed actions to defeat your enemies, so knowing how they will behave is the most important skill to master if you wish to succeed.
Too effective monsters can be very frustrating, so in order to make the game fairer to the player, we basically started from scratch and redesigned the different patterns.

There are two main kinds of enemies in AdventurOS, the ones who can fly and the ones who can't.
Flying monsters can be tricky to implement sometimes. They are pretty simple to code but at the same time it is not easy to find ways in which flying monsters can make navigating harder, which is the usual goal of flying enemies in levels.
On the other hand, we have the walking monsters which are there to challenge your skills and test your abilities. They are harder to defeat and always ready to surprise you. But in AdventurOS you can bend the rules and use the elements in your favor to turn those hard fights into an easier task. After all, you can easily extinguish a fire with water, can’t you?

Thanks for all the positive feedback we keep receiving. Please feel free to send those aspects of the game you are curious about, and we will do our best to give you a closer look into it through the gates of the amazing AdventurOS castle.

We love you all!

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