Behind The Design Process of AdventurOS

09 May 2016

Hello there!
We know it has been a long time, and we thank you all for your kind messages of support!
We would like to encourage all of you guys to send us your inquiries because we think you deserve our feedback and we really want to be there for you.

Today we want to tell you a little bit more about what's behind the design process of AdventurOS. The game.
When we started flirting with the idea of creating a world out of each computer's files and folders, we encountered a lot of problems and exciting riddles to solve (to say the least!)

A classic one is the zip files being interpreted as chests. When you have a game in mind that enables the player to create the rooms, you have to make sure the design includes measures to avoid cheating.

In order to fix the problem of the player having the chance of creating unlimited chests, what we did was simple: We added a key for each chest you want to open.

This makes getting keys necessary before being able to open chests. And, how do you get those keys?

The keys are only earned by killing files, so if you want to open all the chests in that chamber that you just smartly created, you have a long way ahead of you!

Another issue has to do with the room generation process.

It is very hard to create a procedural world that is connected so that the player progresses, while you must also add obstacles to block access to certain rooms so that the game still makes sense. If that makes sense.

As you already know, metroidvania games give you abilities that invite you to re-explore areas that you have already visited in order to unlock extra content.

In AdventurOS you will need to get this special abilities by earning Adventure Points.

There are several ways of bypassing the special barriers created for you to overcome, and by exploring you will acquire the skills needed for that purpose.

You can get Adventure Points by visiting new areas or cleaning rooms in the castle or by finishing quests given to you by friendly NPCs. Long story short, the more adventurous you are, the more Adventure Points you can earn!

This has improved the pacing of the game. You will keep discovering when you are able to face each new challenge ahead.

A lot of ideas that we thought were amazing turned out to be "not so good" once the prototype began to be playable, but the iteration process is making them all fit in place to ensure that the game will turn out to be fun and enjoyable.

This is a long and painful process that taught us many things, what not to do among them, but soon enough we will enter the “Now we are talking” era for our dear baby game AdventurOS, and we will be very excited to welcome you all to enjoy it with us.

Thanks for reading and we'll keep you posted, promise!

We love you all!

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