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16 Feb 2016

Dear Adventurers,

Ninety nine point nine percent of your messages are of pure support and full of words of encouragement. There are, however, a few exceptions that show understandable signs of impatience about our release.

Let us give you some perspective on this:
As AdventurOS parents, we decided to do this, and we decided to do this well. The game has never been cancelled, and it will never be. That is out of the question, so everybody relax.
This is a ship that's being tricky to drive but that is far from sinking.

We work on it daily since day one and we keep working very hard. AdventurOS is a game that we stupid newbies thought would be a piece of cake but turned out to be a titanic project. We are just a crew of three and our funding was encouraging but merely anecdotic, so we must keep a regular job each to stay alive. So that we can develop AdventurOS.

For our baby game we have all turned our backs to many other life opportunities so that we can keep working on this and finally make it happen. You have all probably read about all the bureaucratic issues we also had and still have, which just adds up to the pile of shit independent developers must go through. But for every challenge that's put in our way we just say BRING IT ON! even louder than before and get immediately back to work.

We just want to go through it as gracefully as possible, without stepping on any of our principles (after all, that's what having no boss should mean) and it turns out that, in the meantime, many ideas were implemented in the now enormous AdventurOS snowball, so the tiny indie game we advertised is going to come up as an out of proportion piece of gaming awesomeness. This means that we must apologize for our unrealistic deadline and consequent delay, but that after all you guys will eventually get a game that is worth much more than what you initially paid for it.

We have discussed this before with our main backers and countless regular backers, and we all agree on a "product over deadline" approach. By the way, thank you guys for walking this path alongside us! We thank you for your patience and understanding of the full picture, and AdventurOS is going to be everyone's reward.

Big hugs, we love you all.

AdventurOS Team.

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