One for all, and all for one!

18 Sep 2015

Hello dear friends,
This letter will disappoint many, but not those you are thinking. This update of ours will disappoint the ones systematically mentioning, almost seeming to wish, our development interruption. To all those, we are sorry. Brace yourselves. AdventurOS is coming.

This is, however, not the announcement of its release, but it is getting closer.

For those who don't know, AdventurOS team went to hell and back to make this possible.

We had all sorts of administrative problems and we could not fix them all yet. Not even by moving to other countries and continents with the sole purpose of paperwork for release.
Since ours was already a team of globetrotters, we just tried to go through it all as gracefully as possible, and even though we needed other jobs to keep us going, AdventurOS development has, not a single day, become the one on the side.


This world is definitely not made for independent authors, but we know exactly in which way we want this handled, we know we have the right to it and the ability to do it without intermediaries, and we will not rest until we get there.

AdventurOS will be out before we reach our actual goal (the Steam release) because our bureaucratic delay forced us to make Steam also wait.
We then pushed "hype and exposition theories" away and decided to launch AdventurOS independently on our site as soon as we are happy with it, and save our spot on Steam for later.
This way we will give you access as soon as possible, regardless of when we get the chance to peak in our sales through bigger platforms. If that is ever happening.
Revenue has become secondary in our struggle to stay independent and do things our way, paving the way to others who might want to do the same.

Once we figure this out ourselves, we will undoubtedly put all the info out there for those considering joining the industry, but first we need to learn. We hope all our war scars are of service to others some time in the near future.

Having to postpone our initial, naive deadline, and getting such avalanche of words and gestures of support from the community definitely helped us staying strong, and believe us, we are soon paying you guys back by modestly launching on our site, with you in mind instead of our own sales strategy.

Quick note to our kind contributors with highest donations, please remember your version of AdventurOS will always keep updating on Dropbox. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or technical issues, and enjoy!

AdventurOS development will most probably speed up from today.
We all finally made it to Tokyo, and we have not met yet, but we will very soon reunite and we'll finally work in the same room again. We can't wait!

For any of you currently staying in Tokyo, we will be happy to meet up, preferably off the beaten track.

Lots of dev love from Japan,

Evelend Team.

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