Development Update #17

17 Jun 2015

Dear Adventurers,

Our work on AdventurOS continues! You know the challenges we are going through, both of bureaucratic and technical natures, but rest assured that when AdventurOS goes public, everything will have been worth it.

You must all have noticed how much we have come to hate Game Maker, and it is not getting any better.
Many of you have suggested switching to a new framework, which of course makes sense, but, let's save you the technicalities here, it is just too late for that.

At this point we are eager to release the first version of the awesome AdventurOS, and this will be a 2D version, which is still awesome thanks to André's art, does not compromise the game at all, and has actually a much better quality than we expected. The 3D version will be implemented as soon as its performance reaches our expectations.

Feature after feature, the game gets more complete and nicer to play. We have lately been doing many implementations, like the directory system (where to put all pieces of the great AdventurOS puzzle together), and also aspects of the inventory, quests, combat and physics.

We have also been merging the room generator with the new engine, and working on the upcoming Challenge Mode. The result will not deceive you guys!

Thank you all for your constant support. We love you all!

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