Development Update #15

07 Mar 2015

Greetings Adventurers!

First of all, thank you ever so much for your words and gestures of support.
You will very soon be playing the super awesome AdventurOS.

Today we are letting you look through a crack of our castle's wall.
Here you have several gameplay gifs.

Among other elements, we are working on the environment, the power-ups and the monsters, and the result is a much better flow when it comes to gameplay.
Also, many spells have already been implemented, and they look and feel great!

There will be 7 different kinds of spells and 6 elements. These combined make a total of 42 spells to discover and master!

We are also proud to announce that once the game is out for sale, we will accept bitcoins, as so many of you wished and kindly requested.
It will be available as an alternative to the conventional currencies or services.

Thank you so very much for your patience. We promise it will all be worth it!

We love you all!

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