What is the best way to keep the game updated?

We recommend you to install the app so you get them automatically.

Can I get the game on Steam?

There are internal differences when it comes to deciding whether we should release AdventurOS through Steam or not. If we do release it we will write a blog entry on how to get the keys.

Where can I submit a bug report?

You can create a topic on the community page or send it via email

What are the default controls?


  • Movement: A - D
  • Jump: W - Space bar
  • Interact with NPC: E
  • Open doors: E
  • Game menu: ESC
  • Inventory: Q
  • Equipped items: 1 - 2
  • Shield block: Right click
  • Attack: Left click
  • Shoot arrow: Press left click to load, release to shoot.
  • Map: M

Need extra help?

Send us an email:

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