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Development Update #15

07 March

Greetings Adventurers!

First of all, thank you ever so much for your words and gestures of support.
You will very soon be playing the super awesome AdventurOS.

Today we are letting you look through a crack of our castle's wall.
Here you have several gameplay gifs.

Among other elements, we are working on the environment, the power-ups and the monsters, and the result is a much better flow when it comes to gameplay.
Also, many spells have already been implemented, and they look and feel great!

There will be 7 different kinds of spells and 6 elements. These combined make a total of 42 spells to discover and master!

We are also proud to announce that once the game is out for sale, we will accept bitcoins, as so many of you wished and kindly requested.
It will be available as an alternative to the conventional currencies or services.

Thank you so very much for your patience. We promise it will all be worth it!

We love you all!

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Development Update #14

18 January

Happy new year, dear Adventurers!
Last year was full of adventures of all kinds for Evelend team, and this one will be full of adventures for you! 

We are very excited to see what lies ahead for all of us immediately after the last steps of our bureaucratic odyssey.
We wish we could have given an earlier release, but the bright side is that AdventurOS becomes more and more awesome every day in the meantime.
We want to thank you all for your messages and gestures of support and we are sure this will be worth all the efforts we put into it.

Today we are unfolding AdventurOS development a bit more for you.

Firstly, a big improvement is taking place right now.
A second engine that will make mobs way more dynamic and fun to play is being implemented and will be merged with the current one. 
We are focused on providing challenging fights, a broader spectrum of skills and overall better flow at our castle's platforms, making the experience more interesting and enjoyable.

Secondly, we have also improved a few other things, getting as a result:

- A higher number of ways to personalize your monsters through the mob customization system.
- A more efficient light engine that allows a better performance
- A room interpreter that will make our castle resemble our computer's visible folders and files even better.

Some upgrades wished by the team for AdventurOS' first release are yet to be crafted, but we are positive the upcoming release will contain them all.

All features in general continue according to plan and we have an early version of the game running for the contributors to our Indiegogo campaign with the highest perks.

Besides the administrative struggle for the sake of independence, we have also encountered a lot of technical challenges in the process of development, but we guess that is something to expect when you work on a product that is just unique. 

We can't wait to put it out there!

We would like to remind everyone who has contributed to the Indiegogo campaign with the “CD” perk (and higher) that you should have received a link to the OST via e-mail.
In case you did not receive the e-mail, please feel free to get in touch!
Remember you can write to info@evelend.com or evelend.info@gmail.com and we will deliver your perk right away.

AdventurOS is coming soon, our dear Adventurers! In the meantime, here are some recent screenshots you can check out.

Thanks for your support and happy gaming! We love you all!

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18 December

Hello again, our dear Adventurers!

Regardless of the bitter side of being indies and on our own, we are enjoying every second of development of the game, and you will very soon be playing it your way, at your very own realm.
We are a team of three grinches, all equally overwhelmed and confused by Christmas time. However, we know for many it does bring reunions and well deserved free time. Maybe you are up to some AdventurOS music?

It is just about time for contributors with Floppy-disc perk or higher to enjoy the volume I of the amazing AdventurOS OST.

You will receive an email with the download link. It contains nineteen beautifully composed songs by our inimitable artist Mr. André Marí Coppola. Check it out and…


Thanks for your support! We love you all!

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Development update #13

02 October

Hello dear Adventurers,

You might be aware of the latest news regarding our bureaucratic struggle. In case you are not, you might be interested in checking out Lorena’s article on the subject.

Meanwhile, development keeps moving forward. And we can’t wait to the Early Access release!

Today we will give you a glimpse of another small piece of AdventurOS: Lately we have focused on improving the skill menu, so here’s a teaser:

Every time you perform an adventure related action (Entering unopened rooms, completing a quest, defeating a boss) you will earn Adventure Points. With this special points you will be able to build your character skills the way you want them by selecting your chosen formula between magic upgrades, weapon skills or abilities.

When creating your character a few basic skills will be already active so you can start with a preset.

You can follow this process and more through our site. You can stay updated by the team on Twitter too.
We also had the nice surprise of finding out a kind active member of Reddit had long ago created a subreddit about AdventurOS, and he has gifted us the chance to participate and keep it up to date too. Check it out!

We would like to thank you once more for your support. We are flooded with kind words and warm wishes and we are doing our best to reach everyone back as soon as possible. Once again, thank you so much. We love you all!

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Development Update #12

03 09

Greetings, dear AdventurOS family!

We remain in that point where the job is done but the bureaucracy to release it is not yet sorted out.
The struggle is so big right now that all of us three have even moved in order to survive this delay.

However, not everything is a struggle. AdventurOS still has most part of our energy and attention. This is good for us, as this is an awesome process that we are proud to be part of, and it is also good for you, because the first releasable version keeps getting better and better, so once it is out, it will be a much better product than we thought it would be at its Early Access stage.
The least we can do to make up for the delay is keeping up the constantly increasing game awesomeness.

Today we will tease you a little bit more by introducing you to your main character and its possibilities.

The adventure will happen on your computer, but who is our protagonist?

The gameplay will follow the adventures of a simple file you will create.
You will be able to customize that file in many ways.
Gender, name, and hairstyle are attributes that other games already let you personalize when it comes to character customization, but what's unique about AdventurOS is that since our hero is a file, you get to choose its extension.
What will that mean for your hero?
Each extension will have different attributes, skills and items to begin with, and the player will adopt the color of that extension’s family, having the other files with the same extension as allies.


The high perk contributors to our Indiegogo campaign should expect an upgrade and more news very soon.
If you did not make it to the campaign but want to support AdventurOS development, you can pre-purchase here.

We would also like to thank you all for your support messages. We like to personally write back to everyone and we do our best to not to delay much in our replies.

So, as always, thank you all so much! We love you!

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Development Update #11

06 08

Lately we introduced you to our monster creator and today we proudly present our latest addition to the AdventurOS toolset:

With the item creator, you can create (no shit Sherlock) any item for the game and share it with your friends as well.
The price and drop rate of your item will be automatically generated based on its stats. By doing this we avoid disproportionate items on the game, so whatever you create will stay balanced with the rest.

Thank you very much for all the pre-purchases!
Oh! And… on that note… we have another surprise for you!
If you are one of the pre-purchasers, you have automatically entered a raffle.
The winner will be able to take part of the alpha testing too!

Good luck!

Hugs from the AdventurOS team!
- André, Emilio and Lorena ♥

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Development Update #10

24 July

Hello everyone!

We have so far talked about NPCs and monsters. Today we will focus on the sceneries where all the fun will take place!

Environments will be created according to the type of file that is the most abundant within each folder.

Today we introduce you some of the environments you will find while exploring your computer.

The Library.

The library is the centre where the scribes belong. It is where all information of the realm is gathered and kept for further study that will help you Adventurers in your quest. Libraries will be generated in the folders containing a majority of text files and the like. They can be of varying sizes and number of floors.


Help the scribes broadening their knowledge by sharing your discoveries!

The Temple.

The temples are a space for connection with the Great Architect. They will be generated out of folders containing a majority of audio files.

Music is considered the best way of spiritual expression in this realm.
The monks count on great power and influence, so having them as allies will certainly help you in you adventure.

The Village

In the villages is where you will find the highest density of population. Both the villages and the forests are generated out of the folders in which images are predominant.

Earn their support and make your own prestige increase by helping them!

These are only three examples among many other environments you will be able to explore.
Stay tuned for more teasers!

Love you all,
The team.

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Good news!

14 July

Hello our dear Adventurers! We have a very good surprise for you!

We have worked a lot to get where AdventurOS is today, and by now you already know how much we are struggling to finally put the result out there. For those who need to refresh it here is Lorena's illustrative article.

We have contacted each and every one of you privately, but we would also like to publicly thank you for all the great feedback we got after sharing our experience, for the support letters and messages, for your tweets and retweets, for spreading the AdventurOS word and for all the different ways in which you have showed us your love. You are an amazing source of indie gaming awesomeness. Really.

Among all messages and within the whole development period we have got flooded with requests for us to accept donations and pre-purchases.

Besides the wallpapers pack, there has been no chance to purchase anything after AdventurOS Indiegogo campaign finished.


If you are reading this, then the AdventurOS pre-purchase option is already up and running.

Our delay, forced by our unexpected bureaucratic problems, motivated us to keep improving what was supposed to be the first Beta version, by adding more content. And more. And more! We are also polishing the existing features. And polishing... and polishing.

This train moves forward at full speed and the whole thing looks damn good!

Once the first Early Access version is out, you will receive that one plus all further builds.

Only the few brave people who trusted us with contributions for the right perks on Indiegogo from the very beginning can enjoy the privilege of playing the latest alpha builds of the game before the early-access release.

But it won't be long before all of you get the great looking AdventurOS Early Access that will soon see the light on Steam!

We hope we are properly reaching everyone and listening to all requests.

Besides everything explained above, and after many messages requesting the same, we have finally created a RSS feed for everyone to stay updated from now on through any chosen reader.

We feel utterly happy to see how AdventurOS concept, which we once wanted to bring to life out of pure creativity and passion, quickly becomes contagiously wished and supported by so many people.

And we are making it happen!

Thanks again for everything and let there be games!

Evelend Team

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Development Update #9

27 June

Hello once again for some refreshing news on AdventurOS development.

Many people have asked us about the file extensions that might not be recognized by default in AdventurOS.

If the game encounters an extension that was not contemplated on our design, a random monster will spawn taking that extension's role.

BUT, what if we do not want a random monster in one of our custom extensions? We have a way cooler option for you guys!

Allow us to introduce you to the Monster Creator!

With this simple program you will be able to create and edit monsters so they can be bound with any file extension you want.

For instance, let’s say we have a saved file called "my_game.sav" and we want AdventurOS to generate a fire monkey whenever we find any .sav file.

After creating this monster you will find it in game whenever you come across files with your chosen extension for that monster to appear.

An awesome feature of the Monster Creator is the possibility to share your monsters with other Adventurers if you wish to.

You will also be able to download and use other people's creations with a simple url pasting.

We have some other teasers to give you today:

Meet the Mechanic

Mechanics (Created from shortcuts) Their mission will be protecting the links between rooms and managing all the portal system of the castle.
They will be the ones with tools such as locked doors or hyperlinks.

Meet the Monk

Monks (Created out of all kinds of audio files) Each audio file generates a monk plus a CD item.
When the item is given to a monk, it stays attached to the monk as the piece they will later interpret by turns, because, you know, that will be their thing.
We expect the monks to reproduce your audio files, but we cannot promise the will not include funny distortions too!
While the monks sing, you can receive useful temporary buffs such as increased experience.

We will hopefully be sharing AdventurOS fun very soon. Meantime, we want to thank you all for all the great support we are receiving!

The team.

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Development Update #8

13 June

We proudly introduce you to some of the characters that will make your journey easier in exchange for your fight against the curse. The rooms in your castle are infected and must be cleaned. Killing every monster in the area will make it clean.

room difference

This will not modify your files! Villagers and NPCs will spawn there, replacing the defeated monsters, as long as the file exists..

Meet the Stylist

To encounter a stylist you first have to clean a room with vector graphics. The quantity of files determines the quantity of the hairstyles and other customization options that are available. (Only 1 vector graphic will transform, the rest will spawn as regular villagers).

Meet the Blacksmith

(File type is yet to be decided) Just like with the stylist, the quantity of files will determine the content the blacksmith has for you to trade. He has two different shapes, and it will grow bigger if there are more files of its kind. He can craft all kinds of weapons and armor, and will be able to upgrade your current gear at a reasonable price!

Next week we will introduce new characters and there will be more news about development.

Unfortunately, we announced that the first public version of the game would be available in spring but it will have to wait to see the light until summer.

You can read more here.

"A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad"
- Shigeru Miyamoto

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Development Update #7

07 June

To our dearest Adventurers,

It has been a while since the last update. AdventurOS is looking great, and it can start to be considered ready for Early Access release.

However, our schedule has suffered changes due to bureaucratic reasons. If you still wonder what exactly happened, Lorena has got a pretty accurate description for you.

We are very close to fixing the whole thing, and, believe us, we are so looking forward to it! We apologize and would like to thank you all for your kind words of support and for always being there.

The good stuff is so close!

Love you all!

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Development Update #6

12 May

Hello everyone!

In Evelend we continue working hard in order to get all the basic features ready for the next release, and then we will be almost set to launch the early access version of AdventurOS, specially focusing on a mod-friendly environment.

We have a some new tools which will make easier the development and mod creation. For instance, a fully functional level editor will be available giving the user a good way to create cohesive and fun to play levels for the directory interpreter.

We’ve redesigned the main menu, the intro and we have gone deeper into the main quest of the adventure mode.

We'll be satisfied only when we feel that what we have in our hands is a functional and interesting first product before releasing the early-access, containing a logical amount of playability and testing for the betterment of next releases, and of course including all the modding tools we are developing so far and a user friendly guide on the matter.

Thanks for your patience!
We love you all.

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We are getting there!

15 April

Hello Adventurers,

We have exciting news!

We are working really hard to include all the basic features we can into the next Alpha version of the promising AdventurOS.

And it looks like this will be the last Alpha release, smoothing the way for quality Beta times. On time!

It is wonderful to watch all of AdventurOS pieces starting to fit together, we are really looking forward to the testing and feedback from the Steam community, so the spring release we promised is very, very likely to be fulfilled in no time.

Meanwhile, please feel free to get in touch with your impressions, questions or suggestions, and remember it was you guys who made this possible and we could not be more grateful for this opportunity.

Thanks and keep enjoying, we love you all!

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AdventurOS 0.0.8 coming soon!

11 March

Hello Adventurers!

Here are some of the highlights of the last development weeks:

We are introducing an easy to use menu that will contain all the information you need to keep track of your location, inventory, stats and skills.

The castle’s map is being developed and will be displayed on a unique way so you can know where you are and where you have already been. You will be able to set a waypoint to a folder you already visited so you can travel without checking on the map.

The inventory is divided in different subsections so it’s always organized and tidy. Items can be acquired by killing monsters and/or found inside chests.

A new level generator is on its way to arrive to AdventurOS alpha. Rooms will be generated differently and there will be 3 main layouts: big rooms, corridors and towers. Mixing these 3 different kinds of level generators, the game will give a similar experience to a Castlevania map.

After finishing the level generator and the menu we will be working on adding items, monsters, and environments to the game.

On the next Alpha build you will be able to experience the full power of the AdventurOS inventory.

Thanks for your feedback and bug reports! We are getting very close to the point where Alpha becomes Beta!

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Fan Art Contest. Get your AdventurOS Alpha access!

25 February

To all Gnududes of the real:

A big chance is knocking at your door!

We have recently got big amounts of messages requesting a chance to make a donation in exchange for the alpha access purchased by our Indiegogo backers. Please, understand that with their contribution they did not only buy an access, but vouched for us while still at an early stage, so their rewards for their trust and belief must be kept exclusive.

However, the team faces a low demographic rate of Gnududes (Linux users, that is), and all kind members of the AdventurOS family are up to making room for some of you guys!

If you want to be one of our Linux testers, submit your Fan Art piece to Twitter with the hashtag #adventurosfanart before March 10th.

On March 10th two winners will get the Alpha access right away.

Join the growing AdventurOS family!

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Tell us the story! (Teaser)

07 February

Hello dear Adventurers!

Development goes great and we are ready to proudly announce this is the last countdown for the awesome AdventurOS Beta.

We hope you enjoy our latest available teaser!

As always, thank you all soo much for your feedback and support!

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AdventurOS 0.0.05: Development Update #5

28 January

Hello everyone!

We are working hard on the awesome AdventurOS, which keeps progressively evolving and getting closer and closer to its Beta stage.

(If you are part of the alpha team get your new version here: http://adventuros.evelend.com/alpha/ )

The alpha access is a reward for all those who have believed in our project since the very beginning and supported us with significant contributions. However, we have got such a big wave of newcomers offering their collaboration that we are considering a contest where some more alpha accesses can be obtained. Stay tuned!

From now on and until the auto-updater is ready, we will release updates every other week, so there is more content in each of them.

This update includes a brand new concept regarding monsters, being their size based on the length of the file name and their color based on the first character of it.

There is much more content that you can check at the changelog.

We are especially happy to be finally presenting you the first version that works for Linux, after struggling to get through numerous compatibility issues.

The online community keeps evolving too. Bugs are reported through it and it is becoming more and more user friendly. Join us, play, subscribe, contribute, enjoy!

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Alpha Release: Development Update #4

07 January

Hello dear Adventurers!

The holidays are finally over and we want to celebrate it with a new update.

On AdventurOS 0.0.04 you will find a new monster as well as improved settings in order to create them, including the addition of extension filter.

The indexer has been optimized and there have been several launcher adjustments.

Also, there have been many changes made on the fight engine, stamina has been rebalanced and now the game counts on new HP and MP orbs to recover health and mana.

Cleared up levels are set to be remembered during session and there are breakable objects now.

You will find all these and many more, enjoy and stay tuned for the next update!

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