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Once upon a time...

16 July

We know you have been wondering about the plot. Here's finally an article telling a bit about it.

The story begins with your recently installed convoy arriving into the castle. This happens to take place in the middle of a crisis within its walls, which seem to have gone through some kind of curse. The castle has turned very dangerous, full of creatures and traps, and there is no room for any newcomers.

Your group offers help “cleaning up” the castle in exchange for shelter. The rules state that “Everyone and everything the Architect lets in, shall stay, unless the Architect, and no one else, decides otherwise” This is why these people eventually accept your help, but not without you having to struggle first with the long-established policies and protocols of the castle and some of the most powerful individuals in it, who seem to be rather eager to kick you out of there.

It will not be long until you end up in the epicentre of an internal dispute which threatens to make the whole place fall apart. It will be your mission to unravel the truth behind the conspiracy and to save the filers, (the citizens), from the cruel destiny awaiting in the deep dark corners of the castle, all under the watchful eye of the Architect.

What’s the nature of the curse? Who does the whole situation benefits and why? What's on stake? Are you ready?

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Development Update #17

17 June

Dear Adventurers,

Our work on AdventurOS continues! You know the challenges we are going through, both of bureaucratic and technical natures, but rest assured that when AdventurOS goes public, everything will have been worth it.

You must all have noticed how much we have come to hate Game Maker, and it is not getting any better.
Many of you have suggested switching to a new framework, which of course makes sense, but, let's save you the technicalities here, it is just too late for that.

At this point we are eager to release the first version of the awesome AdventurOS, and this will be a 2D version, which is still awesome thanks to André's art, does not compromise the game at all, and has actually a much better quality than we expected. The 3D version will be implemented as soon as its performance reaches our expectations.

Feature after feature, the game gets more complete and nicer to play. We have lately been doing many implementations, like the directory system (where to put all pieces of the great AdventurOS puzzle together), and also aspects of the inventory, quests, combat and physics.

We have also been merging the room generator with the new engine, and working on the upcoming Challenge Mode. The result will not deceive you guys!

Thank you all for your constant support. We love you all!

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Development Update #16

14 May

It's been a long time since we started working on AdventurOS.

Before we even made public the concept, it came to life as a Pygame project.
As the project grew bigger, we started adding more content to the little engine and not much later it obviously started to slow down.
Most of you might already know Python/Pygame is not very efficient when it comes to games. That is why we decided to develop it using Game Maker when we launched the indiegogo campaign. We were all familiar with the tool and it was powerful enough to perform the way we had in mind.
By that moment we were using Game Maker 8, so part of the money of the crowdfunding went towards an upgrade of our license to GM:Studio.
The new version of the program, developed by Yoyo Games, was going to allow us to develop a cross platform game. "Code once, run everywhere", they said.
But reality is when we started coding the nightmare began. "Code once, suck everywhere".

    After the fresh installation we noticed several changes in the software.
Some were good, some were bad and some were just TERRIBLE.
AdventurOS' key feature is precisely the indexing of files and folders to generate the levels, monsters and adventures.
While game maker 8 was great at doing this, the newest version GM:S dramatically limited that to only ONE folder per operative system. Adventcalypse.
The documentation about it is very poor and there is no information to be found about OSX or Linux.
The program has a feature to add external libraries as a complement to the engine, but the only external libraries allowed are DLLs which of course don't work on any other platform than Windows, so there was really nothing we could to to bypass this limitation.
After asking on forums and contacting Yoyogames itself, all we got was pretty much a  "Go f**k yourself".

    By the time we launched the project, the NSA scandal was all over the internet and  people were skeptical about us indexing their system.
This meant that using any kind of networking to bypass the limitations of the engine was out of the question.
We refused, and still refuse, to send any package containing the user private information, not even locally. So, there was only one solution left.
We had to create a parallel process with Python in order to gather the information needed and store it as a temporary file on the game's directory.
Developing that is not as simple as it seems, specially when it is expected to work on all platforms. Right now the indexer is pretty awesome but it was one of the hardest challenges we had to face during the early development of the game.

We have always had modding support in mind.
We designed the source to include many modding capabilities so other people can do whatever they want with the core idea of using the computer as a procedural generator seed. But once again GM got on our way.
From the documentation: "These functions cannot be used any more due to changes in the underlying runner that GameMaker: Studio uses to generate the device specific packages making it impossible to generate objects, images or code "on the fly" as was done before." This means that all the resources have to be implemented, added and coded from within the GM IDE itself, so there was no way for us to allow any kind of modding without giving away all the game's source code. We are still looking into ways of doing this but we might have to wait a little bit longer.

    As for the gameplay itself, we are in continuous iteration.
It feels and looks very good, and lately we have been increasing the speed and adding variety to the enemies' IA. The latest additions to the hero's abilities are the bow and arrow, but there are still some other magic skills ready to be implemented.

    We have long wanted to give you this insight on the overall development process of the game since day 1, because there have been so many ups and downs, so many challenges to overcome! We are determined to accomplish our vision and deliver the best AdventurOS we can craft. Thank you for being so awesome!

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Development Update #15

07 March

Greetings Adventurers!

First of all, thank you ever so much for your words and gestures of support.
You will very soon be playing the super awesome AdventurOS.

Today we are letting you look through a crack of our castle's wall.
Here you have several gameplay gifs.

Among other elements, we are working on the environment, the power-ups and the monsters, and the result is a much better flow when it comes to gameplay.
Also, many spells have already been implemented, and they look and feel great!

There will be 7 different kinds of spells and 6 elements. These combined make a total of 42 spells to discover and master!

We are also proud to announce that once the game is out for sale, we will accept bitcoins, as so many of you wished and kindly requested.
It will be available as an alternative to the conventional currencies or services.

Thank you so very much for your patience. We promise it will all be worth it!

We love you all!

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