Feedback Day

04 Aug 2017

Dearest Adventurers, Greetings from the team, still immerse amidst the flames of our own development Hell.

We have received a few messages from worried backers and we will address them now. But, before we do, we must thank everyone because all messages we have ever received are genuine and we have not had a single issue with trolls in the history of AdventurOS development, which we know very well is rare for anyone with an online presence. Even having experienced a delay in development which could have earned us some hostility, all we have received are messages of support and constructive criticism.

Now, let’s address your worries, our dear AdventurOS family. There is no way we are dropping the project. The only reason why we are working on AdventurOS until the end is AdventurOS itself and you guys. AdventurOS development is an expense to us at this point (and since long ago), a fact which is the ultimate indicator of our commitment to the game and to you.

We should have known better when we set impossible deadlines, but we simply didn’t. This does not mean we are running away. We are not going anywhere. We have, each one of us, found the means and the time to keep working nonstop on AdventurOS.

We have probably been too hesitant to make updates in times when the development tasks were repetitive and not too flashy to be talked about, but we are considering a change in our approach, so you will hear from us more often during these last months of development.

This is indeed AdventurOS year!!!

Thanks everyone for being there, and remember that we are here for any enquiries and suggestions. Don’t be shy and drop us a line!

We love you all <3

The Team

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Would you like to participate?

20 Apr 2017

Hello dear Adventurers!

Evelend Team here, back to our usual, scattered around the globe, individual desks after another wonderful reunion in the insane city of Tokyo.

We are working really hard to make this year an amazing one for AdventurOS and for you Adventurers, who have walked alongside us during this long, painful gestation.

We are currently working on several fronts at the same time, but the story mode is our main focus at the moment. If we were starting the project today, we would definitely NOT use GMS, which we chose in order to make the best out of the combination of a pro coder (Emilio) and a learning coder (Lorena) in what we though was a brief, low footprint project (ha!).

We have tried GMS2 which sucks even more, and we all think that Godot is what we would choose if the project was to be started in the present. Even though we don't love the engine, we are starting to be happy with what we see.

It's been an exciting and productive time in Tokyo for us three during our amazing reunion, and now we need you to join the team too! Would you like to participate? For better room generation results, we are asking our fellow Adventurers to fill out a brief survey so that we can get an idea of the average amount of files and subfolders contained in folders that are common to most people. Here's the survey:

We will be eternally grateful for your help, and also for all your constant messages of support. We do personally reply to all of them, all we need is a little patience, but here's a general message: THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

We love you all,

Evelend Team

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Happy AdventurOS year!

30 Dec 2016

Hello Adventurers, we usually don’t detach from reality as a continuum of time, but we cannot help to feel very excited to welcome 2017, the year of AdventurOS, when the first playable version will be available.

It’s been tough and a hell of a learning experience, still with challenges to overcome and a lot of features that we would l love to fit in the first version so we are going to keep working as hard as possible to get them ready.

As it is usual for the development of any game there have been adjustments of features and ideas for a better fit in gameplay and feel of the game, so we will also update you guys on how the game looks and feels like today.

None of the fundamental key points of the game has changed, and the original concept has been kept or even improved.
We consider every change implemented as totally worthwhile.

AdventurOS is our shared, nearly accomplished New Year’s resolution, and here’s some more open thoughts on last year and resolutions for the next, with love, by the team members:


“2016 is over. It happened so fast! With the demands of everyday life plus office work (In Tokyo, this is not to be underestimated) I wasn't able to stay up to my potential.
I would like to focus on making a day for discovery and creativity out of every day, instead of a simple day of obligations and responsibilities, unleashing the creative energy that is boiling inside of me and crying out to get to the outside world.
With my creative self being so hungry, 2017 presents itself as a great opportunity, a delicious feast that is about to be served.
In short, my goal is to close the beginning of this cycle with an explosion of color and sounds. Everything learned will not be in vain. I look forward to starting the year!”


“I never believed in calendars but I can’t wait to AdventurOS year! Besides our upcoming title, I can’t wait to finally going 100% vegan, making it to the Polar Circle and overcoming my horrid, vicious blogging shyness so that I can finally post all the thoughts and rants that are piling up in the dusty drawer.
I guess I also have a soon-to-be-failed resolution which is rescuing less animals so that maybe I can keep a tiny part of my mental sanity intact (like there’s any left…)
But forget that one cause it’s not gonna happen! The boys know it well.
Seeing the team reunite is another wish for this year, so let's make it happen!
Happy new year everyone!”


“It was a long and hard year to overcome but we are finally there.
Since I started working on videogames, my way of thinking about them changed drastically, so my new year's top resolution is to reflect that in the way I continue to develop them, that, and also accepting my path as a computer guy. They say I'm even good at it, so… maybe I can move on and finally drop the rock star career thing! Not the professional path to pursue but I will still have it close to my heart. At least our games' soundtracks will always have a part of me in them. Have a great 2017 guys!”

Thanks for being part of the AdventurOS family and have the greatest start of the year. We love you all!

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