07 Jul 2018

Dearest Adventurers,
AdventurOS is now available for all its Indiegogo backers.

We can finally announce the end of our development hell and the beginning of good times for AdventurOS.

Please, keep in mind this is not the final version of the game, although it is pretty close to it. The Windows version is the one we are releasing now, and the Linux and Mac releases will follow. We have been dealing with few yet game breaking bugs and we are working on getting them fixed at the moment.

You should have received a key to download it from Please let us know via email if you haven’t and we will send you one manually.

As most of you must have learned through our blog updates, we have experienced a major delay, for which we apologize once again. We can’t thank you enough for the massive support we have received during the whole development process regardless of such delay.

This is still an ongoing adventure for our small studio and we are very grateful for having you on board.

We love you all!

Evelend Team.

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